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A Night of Inspiration at Prime FS

By Rob Francis | Special for Knuckle Junkies

The Center St Louis in Afton Missouri will once again play host to Prime Fs this Saturday. This event will be helping to raise funds and awareness for Fighting for Autism. There will be a toy drive and chances to meet fight ambassadors Alex White, Eric Irvin, Michelle Pearce and others.

Strong, determined, tough, courageous these are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when you think of a fighter. Having a couple of these helps make a successful fighter. On Saturday when Prime FS has their latest show you will see two young men who embody all of these traits Alex Russo and JP Gillespie. KJ had a chance to talk to matchmaker Kain Royer about Alex and JP.

Knuckle Junkies: I hear you have a couple of inspirational martial artists who are going to be on the Prime FS show. What is their backstory?
Kain Royer: Alex Russo and JP Gillespie will both be part of the show on August 8th. They both have cerebral palsy. JP is highly functioning and actively trains.

KJ: So what roles do they have on the card?
KR: JP is competing in a grappling match. If he wins then he is in line for a Fighting for Autism title shot on the October show.

KJ: So where does JP train?
KR: He is training at CMA in Illinois.

KJ: What can you tell us about Alex?
KR: Alex works with us at the AOC. When we first met he couldn't walk on his own.

KJ: How is he doing now?
KR: Now he can stand on his own and is able to take over 500 steps unassisted.

KJ: How was Alex able to improve so much?
KR: His love of MMA drives him. We came up with exercises for him that are influenced by my background in martial arts and physical therapy.

KJ: What is Alex going to be doing on the show?
KR: He is going to be hitting pads and demonstrating some of the exercises we do in class.

KJ: It sounds like a couple of great additions to the show.
KR: They are two humble and hardworking martial artists and we are glad to have them on the card.

Prime FS Fighting for Autism features a mix of K1 and MMA. The main event will be for the 155 pound Muay Thai Championship. It features Jason Newman vs Thomas Nguyen. We will have a more detailed look at the card and an interview with promoter Shane Rice later this week.

You can get tickets by calling 636-373-3297 or visiting

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JP Gillespie vs Matt Murphy

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