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A versatile circuit

By Matthew Pearlman | for Knuckle Junkies

In the first installation of Fight Strong, I introduced myself and what my background in athletics and strength training was. In this edition, I would like to give you a real no-nonsense, functional strength and conditioning routine that would be suitable for fight training or just for trying to push your fitness goals.

This routine combines basic to more complex strength exercises paired with plyometric and core training in a circuit-style format to meet both strength and conditioning needs.

I do recommend you try this routine with either a trainer or in a gym with a functional training area such as Finney's Alln1 Fitness or a Crossfit-style gym. Feel free to send me questions about form or execution through Knuckle Junkies but here you go!

Rounds 1-3
Perform these exercises back-to-back in 30-60-second intervals with a 1-minute break in between rounds, three times:
- Deadlifts with a barbell
- Box jumps
- Sledgehammer slams off a tire
- Medicine ball crunches

Rounds 3-6
Same as the previous rounds:
- Hang clean to a front squat to a push press with a barbell
- Box step ups with a weight plate or weighted vest
- Plyometric push-ups off a tire
- Medicine ball floor twists

Ryan Sutton is a professional mixed martial artist and trainer at Finney's MMA. You can contact Ryan at

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