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Berger vs SCMMA - Event Preview

By Matt Frazier | Knuckle Junkies

Two legendary coaches will lead their respective teams into competition Saturday when Berger's MMA takes on St. Charles MMA at the Koken Art Factory in Lafayette Square.

This team versus team event features two of the most respected MMA and jiu-jitsu teams in the Midwest, and while it focuses heavy on their amateur teams, it does sprinkle in some extra excitement with a few of the pros showcasing their skills in exhibition grappling matches.

Mike Rogers has molded fighters at St. Charles MMA since he opened the doors in 2007. Seven years later he has seen three of his athletes make it the sport's highest level as Josh Sampo, Alp Ozkilic, and Lance Benoist are currently enjoying solid careers in the UFC. Rogers was also instrumental in the formative years of top UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley's career. Rogers has continue to turn out blue-chip pro like Zach Freeman, Kirk Huff, Jake Roberts, Adam Meredith, and more.

Steve Berger is a MMA pioneer. He competed in the very first televised cable UFC fight when he took on Robbie Lawler on Fox Sports in June of 2002. Even before he finally called it quits in 2012, Berger was fostering a new generation of fighters, fighting along side his students. His star pupil is UFC welterweight Chris "Stump" Heatherly, his roster also includes experienced pros like Yohance Flager, Jesse Geringer and top amateurs like Damian Newman and Tyler Flores.

Saturday's main event features the incredibly tough Ben Huskic taking on the hard punching Montuelle Prater. Huskic recently received his BJJ purple belt under Rodrigo Vaghi, and famously submitted an opponent while competing with a separated shoulder that was reset moments after the victory. Prater, representing the Berger affiliate Cahokia MMA, has fought almost every amateur fighter in his weight class, with mostly positive results. Prater hits hard, but Huskic is very resilient and gets tougher the longer the fight goes. It could be a great finale.

One fight that could steal the show is a K1 match between Erik Newman and LC Hamid. Both are about as scrappy as they come, so this should make for an exciting clash between two energetic young fighters.

Fans will be treated to three exhibition grappling matches, two of which could easily headline a Pro/Am card. Jesse Geringer from Berger's MMA will take on SCMMA's Adam Meredith. Both welterweights have promising professional MMA careers and are known as good ground fighters, Meredith, more so, brings a strong amateur wrestling background pedigree. Yohance Flager, arguably the the team captain of the Berger squad will grapple with Kirk Huff. Huff has been very active in both MMA, boxing, and grappling tournaments and is hard to submit, but don't count out Flager who can be tricky on the ground. Flager has 5 submissions as a pro in MMA. Ryan Stocks and Ben Roy completes the trio of exhibiting grappling matches.

Full card:
Montuelle Prater Sr. Vs Ben Huskic
Matt Bethel vs Nick Winchester
Alex Macias vs Taylor Moore
Kelly Ann D'Angelo vs Aimee Masters
Jason Newman vs Mike Graham
Craig Dalton vs Ben McCabe
Ryan Meynell vs Josh Murillo
Brett Snow vs Lucas Clay

Dakota Bush vs Antwan Jamul - K1
Erik Newman vs LC Hamid - K1

Exhibition Grappling Matches:
Jesse Geringer vs Adam Meredith
Yohance Flager vs Kirk Huff
Ryan Stocks vs Ben Roy

Berger vs SCMMA
Saturday, December 6th
Koken Art Factory, St. Louis, MO