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CCCW: Ward vs Friday- Recap

By Sara Levin | Knuckle Junkies

It was a night of spectacular finishes at Capital City Cage Wars where the judges were practically spectators with 11 of 12 bouts ended with finishes, half of them in the first round.

The Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield, IL was host to eight amateur and four professional mixed martial arts fights.

The final fight of the night was the only one to go the distance and give the judges a chance to weigh in. Pros Trevor Ward and Bill Friday spent most of the three round bout on the ground trading position, but the unanimous decision eventually went to Ward.

Pros Matt Williams and Adrian Ortega spent much of their rounds trading blows to the groin, resulting in a number of delays and technical points taken away.

In the end it was Ortega getting the win, pinning Williams against the cage with some heavy punches and getting the knockout at 1:37 in round three.

They had to clean up the canvas after Scott Ettling finished off Joe Roye. Ettling looked worse for wear after after their short fight, but he was victorious when he tapped out Roye with a triangle choke in the first.

The first pro fight on the card featured veteran Quartus Stitt out of Decatur matched up against St. Charles MMA standout Adam Meredith, who took the fight on less than a weeks notice. Meredith quickly took charge of the match, taking it to the ground and getting a tight anaconda choke to force Stitt to tapout at 1:38 in the first round.

In the amateur 155-pound title fight of the night, Dylan Fuda and Alex Kluge gave the fans an incredible show, with one of the few contests to make it three rounds. Fuda finished the fight with a rear naked choke at 1:11 in the third.

One of the highlights of the night was US Marine Marty Vancils MMA debut. After an exciting first round of exchanged punches by the heavyweights, Vancil opened the second round with some huge punches forcing Luke Nicholson to offer up a verbal submission.

Starting out the night, Jason Stevenson knocked out Justin Hummer at 1:54 in the first rounds. The second bout saw Devon Roach get the fastest TKO of the night at 58 seconds in the first. JR Lonergan finished Hunter Kim in round two of his match with a rear naked choke. Logan Weir also finished his fight with a rear naked choke on Carl Jefferson at 1:11 in round 3. Wes Power followed that with an armbar finish over the crowd favorite Curtis Eller in the two minute mark of the first round. Rounding out the amateur card, Adam Dove forced Michael Morrissey to verbally submit within two minutes of the fight starting.

Full results are below:

Professional Card
Trevor Ward, Warrior Concepts def. Bill Friday, Legacy Martial Arts - Unan. Decision
Adrian Ortega, Rothwell MMA def. Matt Williams, Capital City MMA - TKO 1:37, R3
Scott Ettling, Xplosive MMA def. Joe Roye, MCS Gym - Triangle Choke, R1
Adam Meredith, St. Charles MMA def. Quartus Stitt, Midwest Training Center - Anaconda Choke 1:38, R1

Amateur Card
Jason Stevenson def. Justin Hummer - TKO 1:54 R1
Devon Roach, Xplosive MMA def. Jerry Ray Jr., Capital City MMA TKO :58 R1
Marty Vancil, Central IL Combat Club def. Luke Nelson, Jascksonville Karate Club Ref Stoppage :25 R2
JR Lonergan, Correct EXMMA def. Hunter Kim, Elite MMA - RNC, 2:05 R2
Logan Weir, Underground MMA def Carl Jefferson - RNC, 1:11 R3
Wes Power, John Geystons/Powerhouse Muay Thai def. Curtis Eller, Ind. - Armbar, 2:01 R1
Adam Dove, Jacksonville Karate Club def. Michael Morrissey - Verbal Submission, 1:58 R1
Dylan Fuda def. Alex Kluge, Capital City MMA - RNC, 1:11 R3