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Cage Championships 46 - Event Recap

By Aaron Holmes | for Knuckle Junkies

Cage Championships kicked off 2014 with a return to the Big Eagles Hall in Sullivan.

Local band The Cauliflowers were attendance and kicked off the show with the Star Spangled banner and played 10 songs throughout the evening. The band features two former Cage Champ competitors Lance Benoist and Andrew Sanchez, as well as pro-fighter Zach Freeman, Knuckle Junkies editor-in-chief Brett Auten, local muay thai standout Quentin O'Brien, with Celeste Doerwaldt and Charlie Wilson holding down the vocals.

The night's in-cage action saw a multitude of first round stoppages with only a single bout going into the second.

Heavyweight Nick Pohlmann held true to the night's theme stopping Zach Gerullis one minute and fifteen seconds into the first. Pohlmann closed the distance on the taller Gerullis latching on for a throw. Once the fight hit the ground Pohlmann mounted his opponent and punched him out for the win. Pohlmann takes home a Spire Sectional title for his efforts.

Pohlmann's teammate Denver Sells only need twenty-three seconds to put away Zach Burcham in the evening's co-main event. Sells landed a nasty knee to the gut that doubled-over Burcham sending him to the canvas.

In a ceremony proceeding the main event, Bellator cutman Matt Masrden was inducted into the Cage Championships Hall of Fame. Marsden, who got his start with Cage Championships has worked nearly all the shows for the company in Sullivan, Rolla, and Washington, MO.

"When I started with Cage Champs," Marsden said. "These fighters don't know you, these coaches don't know you. They have to trust you. It's a leap of faith for these people to let you into the corner. That's what I'm most appreciative about is that these people trusted me to let me get the experience to let me get where I am now."

Marsden described working full-time for Bellator as a "dream come true". The next season of Bellator begins starting the end of February.

Stephen Burpee and Jason Figgemeier gave the fans the most exciting contest of the night. Figgemeier closed the distance on the taller Burpee, getting the fight to the ground. Figgemeier nearly ended the fight with an omoplata but couldn't get the submission to stick. When Burpee was able to escape he landed some nasty ground and pound forcing Figgemeier to turtle-up. Burpee would eventually gain control of Figgemeier's back and finished the fight with a rear naked choke.

The Italian-born Figgemeier competed earlier in the night and was rear naked choke early in the first. The active duty soldier arrived in the country on Thursday and was able to pick up a win and a loss while on leave.

Kory Johnson survived a scary first round to take the fight into the second where he controlled the fight on the ground and won with a rear naked choke.

Matthew Nall from Jesus Full Contact was victorious by way of TKO after a good exchange with his opponent Demario Johnson.

Kris Dodson from the Lion's Den was able to stop Jesus Garcia with a guillotine forty seconds into the first. Also victorious via guillotine was Eric "Mad Dog" Markovic. Cody Ford won with a rear naked choke after both fighters came out slugging.

Kwade Nash from the Smith Pit ended his fight with a nasty kick to the liver that sent his opponent down to one knee.

Austin Coleman and Quentin Ledbetter kicked of the evening's action with a grappling match.

Cage Champs returns to Sullivan on April 26th and will follow with June 21st, September 20th, and November 8th.