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Faction 3 - Event Recap

By Matt Frazier | Knuckle Junkies

A star-studded crowd helped fill the gymnasium at the Moolah Shrine Temple. Faction returned with its third event bringing bigger production value, bigger fights, and a bigger crowds.

After the fight Faction owner Matt Jordan was "Speechless."

"Every fight was great," said Jordan. "I really don't know what to say, every guy stepped up, all the fighters came out and gave it their all."

The fraternal order of Shriners is seeing the average age of its members grow significantly. Mixed Martial Arts draws a youthful demographic and is very attractive to the organization as a recruiting tool.

Jordan believes the partnership will continue after a smooth, well-run, exciting event.

"They're extremely happy." Jordan said. "It went good so I think we're doing another one."

Fourteen fights in total including four title fights and three K1 matches.

In the main event, Fierce Taylor proved to be too much for Southside Fight Club's Damian Newman. Taylor dominated the early rounds hurting Newman with a heel hook in the second that left Newman limping back to his corner.

Bravely, Newman fought on and rallied late in the third. He used the previous round's momentum to carry him forward into the forth working knees from the clench and he nearly had a fight ending guillotine. Taylor managed to get the fight to the ground and finished the round on top.

In the final round Newman again worked his submissions with two attempts at the armbar, the latter of which looked to be pretty deep. Taylor is saved by the bell and the fight goes to the judges. Two of the judges scored the fight 50-45, with the third judge scoring 49-46. Fierce Taylor is the new Spire Regional Champ. Taylor's early pressure and relentless wrestling was just too much for the game Newman.

"Damian and Fierce finally settled the score." Jordan said. "Hopefully its over and done with, fight of the night."

For the Faction Lightweight title, Thomas Campbell wins in a 5-round war over Jake Duff. Duff controlled the first round from the top showing great balance and intensity. Campbell won the second round after dropping Duff with a hook and then proceeding to ground and pound his opponent. Somehow Duff survives and then rallies to nearly end the fight in the third and fourth round with submissions, Campbell was saved by the bell both times. The final round Campbell seemed to out point Duff to send the fight to the score cards. Campbell wins by split decision in what could easily have been the fight of the night had it not been for Newman and Taylor.

Steve Barbee was a late replacement in the flyweight championship and out wrestled Donte Butler to win the Faction 125 title.

Charles Rodgers used his massive size to bully Brandon Gibson who survived four rounds before becoming completely gassed and thus couldn't answer the bell for the final round.

Tim Brazzle ended his match with Scott Furtell early with an arm triangle in the first.

Travis Draper absorbed the full arsenal of Cody Weiley before putting his big right hand on display landing it early and often in the second. In the end Draper wins the decision.

Cory Tinnon wins with a first round guillotine, Dustin Beardsley scores a first round TKO. Bryan Hurt, and Brandon Howard win decisions. Nick Lobosco's little brother Mike wins with a TKO in his first amateur fight.

Ryan Green out of the Independent Fight Club looks solid in his decision win over Adam Muffler. Keep an eye on Green as he looked explosive, and seemed to be pretty well rounded.

Motes defeated Augustine with a submission after getting dominated pretty much the entire fight.

Marcus Carroll defeated Clifton Stock by split decision in the first fight of the night that went all three rounds and got the crowd roaring. Both fighters showed a lot of heart and were in serious danger at different points in the fight.

Fierce Taylor def Damian Newman - Decision
Thomas Campbell def Jake Duff - Split Decision
Steve Barbee def Donte Butler - Sub R3 (RNC)
Charles Rodgers def Brandon Gibson - TKO R4
Tim Brazzle def Scott Furteell - Sub R1 (Arm Triangle)
Travis Draper def Cody Weiley - (K1) Decision
Cory Tinnon def Justin Yacko - Sub R1 (Guillotine)
Dustin Beardsley def Zach Tieberis - TKO R1
Bryant Hurt def Devon Thomas - Decision
Brandon Howard def Antione Johnston - Decision
Mike Lobosco def Chris Causey - TKO R1
Ryan Green def Adam Muffler - Decision
Tyler Motes def Josh Augustine - Sub R2 (Guillotine)
Marcus Carroll def Clifton Stock - Split Decision