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Hey Knuckle Junkies! This is Tim Mitchell with Complete Nutrition-St Louis and I will be writing a monthly column providing information on supplements, diet, and nutrition. I will also be answering any questions that any of you might have. Now you may be asking yourself what role does diet and nutrition play in MMA?

For some of the more experienced guys and gals in the sport I am sure you already know the importance that diet and nutrition play. As for some of the newer folks to MMA or aspiring fighters you may not necessarily understand the vital role a proper diet and nutrition play. So my goal is going to be to educate that part of the audience that is newer to MMA, and maybe even refresh or shine a different light on things for some of the more experienced guys.

In this first column I am mostly just going to introduce myself and let you guys know what you can expect from me each month.

When approached me and asked if I would be interested in writing the column I was pretty excited. I thought to myself what a great way to educate people on benefits of proper diet, nutrition, and supplementation, and also what a great opportunity to plug Complete Nutrition and our awesome line of sports nutrition products.

Then I started thinking about what the heck am I going to offer these guys. I have a pretty good background in sports, exercise, and nutrition, but I have never even attempted or even aspired to do MMA. Then I realized the same principles of nutrition that apply to other sports will also apply to MMA. But being a man who knows his own limitations, I will occasionally tap the knowledge of some of my Complete Nutrition co-workers who range from body builders to personal trainers, and those who are pursuing degrees in sports and nutrition. Personally I am pursuing a degree in exercise science and have worked for Complete Nutrition for over a year now. I started out in the Air Force where I developed my passion for working out. I quickly became the "go-to" guy for training and diets and at one point I was in charge of conducting physical training sessions for my squadron and ensuring that all of our members passed their PT tests. So between myself and my highly trained co-workers we will be able to bring you the best advice and tips to either help you get into better shape or to get you prepared for the octagon.

In closing I just want to say thanks to the Knuckle Junkies crew for the opportunity to write these columns and I look forward to talking to all of you and answering your questions. Complete Nutrition. Look Better. Feel Better. Perform Better.

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