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Fight Strong - Pulling Muscle Groups

By Matthew Pearlman | for Knuckle Junkies

In the last edition of Fight Strong I gave out a workout that blended strength, functionality, and conditioning.

While I will continue with these themes because they are what is most beneficial in preparing for a fight or just trying to reach a higher level of fitness, it is just as important to address a slightly different form of training when possible; specific group targeting. This form of training is meant to boost pure strength in specific targeted areas or muscle groups and is ideal for when you have the time or availability in your fight training regimen to focus more on strength training.

This style of training is usually done in what's called a training split and specific muscle groups are worked either solo or paired on different days to maximize the volume you can hit those muscles with, and then give them adequate time to repair while you train other muscles before you rotate back around.

I'm going to give you a routine this edition to gain strength in your pulling muscle groups (back, biceps, forearms), and will later on give routines such like this for other groups such as the pressing group and lower body.

Ryan Sutton is a professional mixed martial artist and trainer at Finney's MMA. You can contact Ryan at

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