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GFS: Destiny - Ken Porter Q&A

By Nick Turnbo | Special for Knuckle Junkies

St. Louis' Ken "The Sensation" Porter is fighting in the main event of Friday's Gateway Fighting Series: Destiny at the Heart of St. Charles.

Porter's fighting career started long before you would imagine. He began boxing in kindergarten, learning under St. Louis pro Steve Young. He wrestled throughout high school and built it into a strong college career on the mat at Meramac and Missouri Baptist.

Porter enters the cage this week with a 9-3 record with six of his wins by submission. He is ranked No. 11 of active US Midwest Pro Flyweights (per Tapology Regional Rankings). His opponent on Friday, Joe "The Triangular Strangler" Pearson has a record of 45-30-1.

After starting his pro career with a loss, Porter won four of five with a no contest to Dan O'Connor in the mix. In 2014, he lost to Bill Friday (5-2) on a Titan FC card via guillotine late in the third round. He followed that performance with five straight wins, including victories over Matt Murphy and Matt Manzanares on a 2015 RFA card in St. Louis.

Although Pearson has been on a losing strike of late, it is important to recall that over half of his wins are by triangle choke.

Nick Turnbo caught up with Porter for a quick Q&A ahead of the big bout. Visit to purchase tickets for this PRO/AM event.

NT: How did you first become interested in MMA?
KP: I first became interested in MMA by watching it on TV.

NT: How long is your training camp?
KP: A month-and-a-half.

NT: When cutting weight, do you cut most near the end of training or fairly evenly throughout?
KP: Mostly towards the end of training.

NT: You are coming back from a tough loss (after a five-fight winning streak), do you think the 13 months prior with no fight may have contributed to loss?
KP: No I do not think it contributed to the loss. I just wasn't prepared.

NT: What did you learn from the loss?
KP: That I need to take the time to listen to my body.

NT: Since Steve Berger closed his gym, where I have you been getting the bulk of your training at and what has the change been like?
KP: Tiger Muay Thai and Hit Squad. The change has been different because I have been working with different people and learning different strategies from those people.

NT: Didn't you recently make another trip to Thailand? If so, what is that experience like and what do you get from it?
KP: Yes, I went in the beginning of February. It was very fulfilling and my training has been intense. The change of the environment makes me a better fighter all around.

NT: What are your thoughts on Friday's opponent Joe Pearson "The Triangular Strangler"?
KP: He's talented and has had a long career and a wealth of experience. But I'm a force to be reckoned with.

NT: What affect does a change of opponent have on your training?
KP: I always come up with a strategy and a game plan.

NT: What is it going to take in order for you to get your hand raised?
KP: Me sticking to the game plan.

NT: Do you have any specific goals for 2017?
KP: To get my spot in the UFC.

Photo courtesy of Bob Barton Photography