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KJ: Unfiltered Episode 2 - Mike Rogers

By Brett Auten | Knuckle Junkies

KJ: Unfiltered is the new podcast brought to St. Louis MMA fans by

Each episode will give a no-holds, un-edited peak into the minds and stories of the area's top figures, coaches, and fighters.

This week, KJ editor Brett Auten sits down with Mike Rogers. Mike has been a consistent force in St. Louis MMA from his days as a competitor to being the head coach of one of the top MMA schools in the Midwest, St. Charles MMA.

Mike is a BJJ black belt under Rodrigo Vaghi and has dedicated a significant portion of his life to teaching and promoting the positive aspects of BJJ.

In this episode, Mike talks about his entry into BJJ, the early days of St. Louis MMA, and his love of music, especially Waylon Jennings, and much more.

So sit back and enjoy KJ: Unfiltered.

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