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MMASF: Kunz vs Mitchell - Event Preview

By Matt Frazier | Knuckle Junkies

When you think of tough, blue collar guys on the amateur scene one of the first names that come to mind is Bo Kunz.

A recent stalwart of local MMA, Kunz was an obvious choice for matchmaker Jim Jenkins when putting together Friday night's fight card.

"This is my blue collar show," Jenkins said. "All these fighters train and put in time. No off the street guys. All of these guys work very hard with quality instructors."

Jenkins, a master craftsman when it comes to building fight cards, has put together a group of fighters that not only match his work ethic but his genuine love of the sport.

"Guys like Jason Alicea and Rob Miller, guys who didn't get into the sport until they were in their 30's," Jenkins said. "Blue collar tough guys like (Clay) Mitchell and Kunz, who brought their street hard mentality into MMA. These, for the most part, are young and hungry guys or older warriors; guys with young kids and grown up responsibilities."

When Kunz and Mitchell step into the cage on Friday night they will have more to gain than your typical amateur fight. The winner will be selected to the MMA Sports Federation Team USA amateur squad, with the opportunity for international fights to follow.

Kunz, 29, has been training for almost three years and in that time has hacked up over 30 fights.

"I have the experience and train with the best team in the Midwest," Kunz said. "This isn't my toughest opponent."

Having switched his training to St. Charles MMA shortly after the new year, Kunz has already seen immediate results scoring his first-ever submission victory at Cage Championships back in January.

"I'm finishing him where ever it goes, standing or on the ground," Kunz said. "SCMMA has helped on every aspect of my MMA career."

Mitchell, also 29, doesn't have near as many amateur fights but it doesn't mean he lacks experience having trained for over 10 years. The head trainer at Generations Studio in Carlyle, IL, Mitchell has competed for Team USA previously and is excited for the chance to once again wear the red, white, and blue.

"Hell yeah, it's a privilege to fight for Team USA," Mitchell said. "I have experience there. I fought for Team USA in the 2010 World Martial Arts Games so I'm not a stranger."

Mitchell went 5-2, winning three gold medals while competing against Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia at the 2010 Games in Las Vegas.

"I think Bo will be a great opponent to express my technique and skill," Mitchell said. "The guy is tough so lets go. Bo isn't weak, but I see no heart."

In the co-main event Jason Alicea from Modern Combat Systems will take on Keelan Moore.

Destruction MMA's Daniel Schaab, who has had trouble keeping opponents, will take on Eric Vasquez.

Full fight card:
Bo Kunz vs Clay Mitchell - Main Event
Keelan Moore vs Jason Alicea
Daniel Schaab vs Eric Vasquez
Jeremy Sherwood vs Rob Miller
Erion Zekthi vs Antion Johnston
Jon Rosener vs Andrew Murphy
Alex Murphy vs Quentin Garrison
Tyler Flores vs Brad Marshall
Cody Sparks vs Brad Rice
Dave Stevens vs Thomas Hobbs
Kyle Inman vs Kevin Deaton
Cody Willie vs Demitrous Cannon
TBA vs Nick Kreutz

MMASF / Cage Fighting Events
Friday, May 24th
Heart of St. Charles Ballroom, St. Charles, MO