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NAGA Bootcamp *Updated*

By Matt Frazier | Knuckle Junkies

NAGA is back! North America's largest traveling grappling tournament is back in St. Louis for the Missouri Grappling Championship. Happening all day Saturday from the Mark Twain Building on the campus of UMSL. This is your chance to see where your skills rank among other local contenders.

Bookmark this page because we will be updating it throughout the week with new tips and techniques to help you bring home the medals! Also look for articles and features on Rodrigo Vaghi, Kyle Watson, and Ezra Lenon throughout the week to get you in the right frame of mind for Saturday's tournament.


Pre-registration is closed, but you can still register at the day of the event. Weigh-ins start 6 PM - 8 PM on Friday at the Mark Twain Building, and then all day Saturday, starting at 8 AM.

Saturday's Event Schedule (Doors open at 8 AM):

All children & teens (under 17) starts 10 AM Sharp
All Women's, Executives & Directors Divisions (Estimate Start time at 12:30 PM)
Men's & Master's No-Gi Novice (Estimated Start Time is 1 PM)
Men's & Master's No-Gi Beginner (Estimated Start Time is 1:30 PM)
Men's & Master's No-Gi Intermediate (Estimated Start Time 2 PM)
Men's & Master's No-Gi Advanced (Estimated Start Time is 2:30 PM)
Men's & Master's White Belt (Estimated Start Time is 3 PM)
Men's & Master's Blue Belt (Estimated Start Time is 4 PM)
Men's & Master's Gi Purple, Brown, Black Belt (Starts after the Blue Belt Divisions end)

For more information on registration, divisions, and the awards please visit the official NAGA Missouri page.

Directions to the event can be found here.


Tyler Bishop from is an 8-time NAGA Champion and has won awards at all levels of competition. He has provided us with some tips and techniques to help you raise your game.

Also, make sure you visit BishopBJJ for an incredible resource on jiu-jitsu. Tyler and his team update the site almost daily with information on the history of the sport as well as deep analyzation of tournaments and trends in the world of competitive jiu-jitsu.


Tip: Have A Gameplan Not A Grand Delusion
As a referee, one of the most common occurrences I see is two players getting locked in a single position in which neither can advance. This is often because neither player took the time to think through their strategy and the possible outcome of this said strategy. Many times young BJJ practitioners think about all the glory of submissions and victory but forget to think through the details before, during, and after competition.

Our advice is to carefully craft a gameplan or strategy that results in winning the match. Try not to think of all the things you are going to do, but rather, the positions you will likely be in and you attacks from each. Also consider how you will react to his possible reactions.

An example of the details new competitors often overlook: If you pull guard there is a strong likelihood you could end up in half-guard during the match. How will you attack, escape, or capitalize on this position? Have specific techniques in mind to deal with this scenario. If you cannot think of exact techniques for this position you may be unprepared for this strategy. Have a partner help you with these techniques and drill these positions in the weeks leading up to competition.

Technique: Scissor Sweep


Technique: Scissor Sweep attempt, transition into Armbar


Technique: Passing half guard


Technique: Escaping half guard (from bottom)


Technique: Armbar from the mount

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