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NFA: USA vs Canada - Recap

By Alex Silvius | Knuckle Junkies

Saturday night from the Farmington Missouri Civic Center, Nemesis Fighting Alliance presented USA vs Canada. This event was highlighted by two feature matches between American and Canadian fighters. Here's the rundown:

Main Event: Tom "Taz" Baker vs Bil Dwyer
The first round was controlled by Baker with his wrestling, but he was unable to inflict a lot of damage on Dwyer.

To start the second round Dwyer stunned Baker with a solid right. Baker instinctively shot in, and used a double leg to get the takedown. Baker remained in control for the remainder of the round.

The final round played out much the same as the first two as Baker took the match to the ground, controlling the action and avoiding Dwyer's standup. Baker rode out the round earning the Unanimous Decision Victory.

USA vs Canada: Lance Allen vs Xavier Nash
Nash was cut early in the initial flurry. Nash established top position and worked strong ground and pound. To start the second round Nash absorbed punishment from Allen before establishing top position, and finally winning by rear naked choke at 1:30 of the second.

USA vs Canada: Andrew Sanchez vs Matt Dicenso
Dicenso started each round of this three round battle with solid leg strikes and punches but was soon dropped to the mat by Sanchez. This match was a technical wrestling showcase with Sanchez controlling the fight on the ground and roughing Dicenso up.

The Farmington crowd was surprisingly quiet during the match, intent and aware of the action in the ring. During the technical ground battle you didn't hear jeers from the crowd, rather the corners called out instructions to their respective fighters. When Sanchez slammed Dicenso the crowd erupted showing how closely they truly were watching the fight.

After three rounds the fight went to the score cards. Andrew Sanchez wins by Unanimous Decision.

Kelly Burch vs Fred Moore
Burch weathered the initial storm of Moore. Burch punished Moore on the ground. In the second round Burch pounded out a TKO victory from Moore's back at 56 seconds.

After his victory, Kelly Burch said he will turn pro. He was proud to announce it in his hometown of Farmington.

Fight of the Night: Wil Alfaro vs Damian Newman
This fight was a battle of technical attacks and stunning reversals. In the first round Newman was able to counter each attack by Alfaro. In the second, Alfaro started to gain momentum but again Newman reversed the position.

In the third round Alfaro locked on a leg triangle choke. Newman was trapped in the triangle for almost the entirety of the third round but showing that Southside resiliency, refused to tap. Mewman was able to hang on until the round ended.

Even though he lost the third round, Newman had earned enough points in the first and second rounds to score the victory. Unanimous Decision victory for Newman

In earlier action, Luke Fulk wins by Arm Bar submission at 1:20 of the first round over Mike Hamel. Eugene Jones overpowered a timid Justin Menteer, winning by rear naked choke at 1:25 of the first round. Justin Lankford pounded out Justin Werts for a victory 1:22 of the second round by verbal submission due to strikes.

Dennis Moore overpowered Brandon Aubuchon. A slam and three heavy punches to Aubuchon's head flat on the mat lead to the quick TKO victory by Moore at 1:03 in the first round.

In the submission of the night, Tony Perreca persisted with an arm bar attempt while being picked up and slammed twice. Finally on the second slam Perreca straightened the arm submitting Bryan Greer.

In a K1 battle to start the night, Bill Smith smothered Drew Bowen with strikes. Unanimous Decision Smith.

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