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NFA: A War Within - Recap

By Brett Auten | Knuckle Junkies

The Nemesis Fighting Alliance returned to the Arnold Eagles Hall on Saturday for a night of amateur MMA, K1 and a little grappling.

Despite two no-contests in two of the final three fights including the main event NFA: A War Within showcased plenty of electric finishes, including seven in the first round.

It was the final privately sanctioned amateur MMA event in Missouri what the Missouri Athletic Comission taking over sanctioning of all MMA, K1, and Boxing starting on August 28th. Since the beginning, Spire Sanctioning Alliance has partnered with the NFA, and it was only fitting that the final Spire event was with NFA.

Saturday's main event was set to be a doozy with rising welterweight Orlando Sanders taking on the establishing Kevin Roper for the vacant welterweight title.

But Roper's inadvertent poke to Sanders' right eye during an early exchange halted the fight, and after an examination by the ringside physician, the bout was waved off.

A similar instance occurred when a promising bout between light heavyweights Nic Winchester and Trivion Taylor was put to an end just seconds into the contest when Taylor's fingers landed in the eye of Winchester.

Continuing with tradition, the NFA donated proceeds from the event to a local charity with five dollars off every ticket sold at NFA: A War Within was donated to US Veterans Foundation. In previous events NFA has supported the Backstoppers of Jefferson County, Suicide Prevention, and many other notable charities.

The NFA flyweight title was up for grabs in the co-main event, and Raja Singh made quick work of Jacob Jewell. After a frantic pace to start, Singh made his way to mount and wailed away earning the first-round stoppage.

It a bit of foreshadowing, a knee to the head delivered by Astin Broom to Jimmy Timmerberg in the final K1 bout of the night resulted in a stop in the action during the second round and the fight was eventually ruled a no contest.

In a welterweight matchup, Dan Liberson won the first exchange with Chris Wetherington, got the fight to the ground, went for a couple of submissions before getting the TKO win in 30 seconds.

Jiu-jitsu saved Tristan Overvig. Michael Manning was en route to winning a decision over Overvig in a contest between a couple of tough middleweights. Manning was in the final throes of a bruising effort, rarely if ever, relinquishing control before the rangy Overvig threw up a triangle and got the tap at 2:49 in the third round. The win earned Overvig the NFA Submission of the Night award.

In the second round, Manning got into dominant position and kept Overvig in turtle while mixing in hammer shots. Once back to the feet, Overvig pressed Manning to the fence before Manning connected on a clean shot near the round's end. The pace started to slow before Manning drug the fight to the floor and mixed in a final flurry before the third.

An explosive Chris Lorenzo won with a lightening exchange to get the TKO at 45 seconds into the first round over Wardell Morgan. The performance earned Lorenzo the NFA KO of the Night award.

Luke Ebers came out ahead of Brendan Wolf in a grappling contest.

With a handful of blistering strikes, Will Monroe overwhelmed to get the TKO finish over Chad Reigenborn at 21 seconds in the first round.

In a K-1 matchup, Richard Jones applied constant pressure to eventually get a TKO finish at the 1:32 mark in the second over James Johnson.

Josh Howard showcased superior grappling in getting a finish of Tim Zahner. Howard got the early takedown and went to work. From the back, he peppered Zahner with a few shots and then landed a crisp right. With the fight back on the floor, Howard worked from the back as Zahner turtled. Howard eventually flattened Zahner and landed enough shots to get the TKO finish at 2:30 in the first round.

In the first K1bout, Ryan Horn's technique and clean technical shots were nearly equaled by Hieu Vuu's heart and ability to land his right hands at opportune times.

In the pivotal third round, Horn and Vuu got into a wild exchange in the pocket. Things finally slowed, and Horn continued to piece up Vuu, but Vuu refused to waver and again pressed the action. After the final bell, the judges award a 29-28 decision to Horn. The performance earned NFA Fight of the Night award.

Jesse Conaway made quick work of Zach Nichols. Conaway scored a clean takedown and instantly followed up with some ground and pound. He patiently made his way to mount, and after Nichols gave up his back, Conaway landed more hard shots to earn the TKO win.

Trevor Barnes vs. LC Hamid set the tone for a night of quick finishes as he tapped Trebor Barnes in the first to kick the night off.