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Shamrock FC: Annihilation - Event Recap

By Alex Silvius | Knuckle Junkies

Garrett Gross left many wondering if he had a prior engagement as he made very quick work of his opponent Nic Anderson winning the main event of Shamrock FC: Annihilation in just under a minute.

Gross, fighting under the tutelage of UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley, engaged his opponent quickly and locked on a standing guillotine. Gross raised the tally for Woodley's American Top Team squad to 2-1 on the night. Gross will return in June at the 15th Anniversary Shamrock event against a yet unnamed opponent.

Marc Godeker survived a kimura scare to win with an arm lock of his own. After spending most of the fight on the ground, Godeker was able to hit a sweep to gain control of his opponent and locked on a straight armbar to win at 3:58 in the first.

In a post-fight interview Godeker admitted the kimura almost ended the fight, but used raw strength to power out of it. Look for interviews of Gross, Godeker and Orlando Torres on Monday.

Speaking of Torres, the bantamweight from Fort Leonard Wood Army Combatives was victorious in his main card bout. Torres and opponent Bob Hinchcliffe were promoted to main card status after lightweight Donny Brook came to the weigh-ins 17 pounds over the limit forcing a cancellation with opponent Malcolm Smith.

Torres and Hinchcliffe went back and forth for most of the contest with Torres controlling for most of the bout. Eventually Torres was able to lock on a rear naked choke, forcing the tap. Hinchliffe survived several bad positions to make the fight competitive.

In the undercard, Dustin "Scrappy" Lampros from ATT Evolution fell to Aaron Crowe from the Army Combative squad by unanimous decision. 'Scrappy' looked sharp at the start of the match, but lost steam as it grew old. Crowe attempted several guillotines as Lampros made his neck available early and often, but Lampros was able to defend every attack and survive the contest and send the bout to the judges.

Brandon "Skeletor" Nehls was the Master of his opponent's Universe winning in dominating fashion in just under two minutes of the first. Nehls, out of the Southside Fight Club, looked very sharp and continues the lineage of tough, hard-nosed, fighters from Mike Green's gym. Green will be making his pro debut at the next Shamrock FC event in June.

Andrew Berger and Ben Chesser was one of the most eagerly anticipated match-ups and did not disappoint. Berger seemed the better fighter from the onset controlling most of the action. The two ground specialists scrambled with each looking for a submission. It wasn't Chesser's night as Berger schooled the professor and sunk on a rear naked choke midway through the second.

Top Finney's MMA prospect Joaquin Buckley looked unstoppable in his match. Buckley was in complete control and opted to gain cage time instead of gaining an early stoppage from dominant positions. The end finally came at 1:25 in round two.

Also victorious on the night was Colton Carmack via RNC in the first, Dan Moriarty won a unanimous decision, and in the evenings first contest, Joe Berger made quick work of Rickey King.

Shamrock FC returns for Uprising on June 15th at River City Casino, This will be the biggest event in the promotion's 15 year history, and will be a must-see for fans of the promotion