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Shamrock FC: Charged - Recap

By Alex Silvius | Knuckle Junkies

Shamrock FC presented a "Charged" event with something for everyone except the judges.

No matches went to the judges' decisions, but two were stopped by the doctors for medical reasons. The fights ranged from skillful fluid matches to wild scrappy brawls.

"Head kick knockouts, that's what everyone wants right?" Shamrock FC President Jesse Finney said. "I think Rob Washington fought a great fight for four minutes and 19 seconds. He stopped moving for 1 second. In that 1 second he got head kicked and got knocked out. I both fighters thought a very technical, smart fight."

Zak Bucia put the exclamation point on the evening with a head kick KO of Robert Washington at the end of the first.

"I wasn't sure if he was going to come out and wrestle, right away," Bucia said. "I wasn't surprised he was wanting to throw that right hand. He's got a pretty wicked right hand, and I think he expected to land it, and I was waiting for it, just trying to make sure I didn't get caught."

Both were prepared to keep the fight standing and trade punches. It was well fought and very even until late in the first round when Washington circled along the fence into the head kick by Bucia.

This is another step forward for Bucia who is primed for a very bright future.

"There's talk about a possible title fight at 155 here at Shamrock" Bucia said. "We'll see what happens."

William Joplin had an impressive submission victory over Aaron Poston. Joplin was able to impose his will throughout the match on the ground. Joplin slammed Poston near his corner and used the advantage of corner-coaching to grind Poston down. Joplin worked continuously and finished the match with a Von Flue Choke.

"My coaches are all about be first, don't waste no time and stay in his face." Joplin said. "My coach James Krause told me he has a tendency to back off. So that was the game plan. The only time he threw anything was when I gave him space."

Dallas Browning was in his comfort zone for his match with Dan McGlasson. Browning negated the height and reach advantage of McGlasson with a smooth technical takedown to begin the match. A skilled and active ground battle ensued with Browning finishing the match with an arm bar.

"I'm always shorter than everyone." Browning said. "Everyone I train with, Tom Lawlor, Vinny Maghlese, all those guys are so much taller. It's just not a thing that bothers me anymore."

Browning used his strong wrestling to quickly get the fight to the mat where he finished with an armbar.

"Going into the fight, we didn't really have a big gameplan," Browning said. "If he tried to press, slip, drop down for a double leg. Gameplan worked perfect."

Matt Murphy earned quick victory over Dustin Kramer. Solid striking by Murphy dropped Kramer to a knee. Murphy took Kramer's back, sinking in a choke. Kramer refused to tap and went to sleep.

A notable fight from the under card, was a one round war between Deron Carlis and Dalton Goddard. Goddard looked to be out matched in the first 30 seconds as Carlis knocked him down twice.. Goddard refused to quit. With a right eye that was close to being swollen shut, and losing for most of the round, Goddard swung the momentum his way.

"After getting dropped, a thousand things are running through your mind," Goddard said. "The only thing I could think of was 'get up, don't let this guy hit me'. I started coming with more weapons, reloaded my arsenal: knees, kicks, elbows, punches. I couldn't take him down with nothing, heard the 10 second clicker go off, ended up landing a knee, and went straight into a guillotine."

The crowd was swept up in the changing tide and roared with each strike by Goddard. With just 7 seconds remaining in the round Goddard earned the submission victory with a guillotine choke.

The cross state match ups that has become a signature of the Shamrock events in KC is fostering an entertaining rivalry.

"There's a natural rivalry between the cities." Finney said. "If I had to hear that the Royals beat the Cardinals one more time this week, I was ready to jump out the building. There's a natural rivalry and if we can have fun with it and build off it. Everyone always asks who has the better fighters, so who knows, maybe we'll a whole Kansas City vs St. Louis thing coming up in the near future. "

Charged was an exciting event and look forward to more cross state and regional match ups from Shamrock FC in Kansas City.

Shamrock FC returns July 11th to the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City. Photo courtesy of Jerry Chavez Photography

Full results:
Zak Bucia def Robert Washington KO 4:20 1st
William Joplin def Aaron Poston Von Flue Choke 3:48 2nd
Dallas Browning def Dan McGlasson Armbar 3:31 1st
Matt Murphy def Dustin Kramer RNC TKO 1:29 1st
Horacio Escobar def Keeton Gorton Medical Stoppage End of 1st
Dalton Goddard def Deron Carlis Guillotine choke 4:53 1st
Timhin Babalola def Ryan Sutton Medical Stoppage End of 2nd
Julie Russell def Chantay Powell TKO 2:07 2nd
Connor Gross def Alphonsa Grave RNC 2:08 1st