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Shamrock FC: Impact - Recap

By Alex Silvius | Knuckle Junkies

Shamrock FC delivered a great event in a spectacular venue last night. Those in attendance were treated to some of the best fights I have seen live in an incredibly beautiful venue, possibly one of the best in the Midwest. Those who chose to skip the under card missed out on some gems.

The main event delivered the best fight of the night. The regional flare of the fighters helped to incite the crowd but the battle in the ring kept them screaming. It was a razor thin close battle of heavy strikes and sprawling ground battle. Each man had dominate positions in every round. The unanimous decision for "Bad News" Bears belies truly how close this match was.

Owen Evinger and Brandon Phillips was a crowd pleasing stand up fight. Leg kicks by Phillips in the first two rounds slowed Evinger setting up the TKO finish by Phillips at 3:29 of the final round.

Even if you skipped the under card the main card was worth the admission. The last three bouts especially so.

Derek Williams (4-0) stayed unbeaten and improved to after locking on a guillotine on Travis Sveum late in the first round.

Jett "Bam Bam" Jones battled Cody Sherwood in what was a tactical and entertaining ground battle that saw Sherwood win by unanimous decision.

Enrique Watson showed how dangerous he can be with a first round TKO over Elijah Lindstedt.

On the undercard, the battle between John Littlejohn and Anthony Garrett was one such gem. Snickers were heard from the crowd when Littlejohn entered the ring, due to his "Big Country" Roy Nelson-esk build. After absorbing punishment from Garrett for most of round one, "Big" John Littlejohn slapped an arm bar on to win.

Shamrock FC returns to Kansas City on September 27th.

Full results:

Rudy Bears def Zak Bucia - Unanimous decision
Brandon Phillips def Owen Evinger TKO, Round 3
Cody Sherwood def Jett Jones - Unanimous decision
Derek Williams def Travis Sveum - Guillotine, Round 1
Enqrique Watson def Elijah Lindstedt - TKO, Round 1
Jordan Hernandez def Cody Coleman - Arm Bar, Round 1

Dustin Kramer def Codi Peppard - Unanimous decision
Eric Davis def Austin Evans - TKO, Round 2 (0:18)
John Littlejohn def Anthony Garrett - Arm Bar, Round 1
Matt Mahon def Galen Livingston - Anaconda choke, Round 1
Trevor Johnson def Jeremy Clay - Guillotine, Round 1 (0:15)
Will Johnson def Jorge Rodriguez - TKO, Round 3