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Shamrock FC Promotional Update - December 2014

By Matt Frazier | Knuckle Junkies

Coming off arguably their busiest year to date, Shamrock FC returns in 2015 for 20 shows including two Guns 'N hoses events at Scott Trade Center.

In 2014, Shamrock expanded their operation to include four professional fight events in Kansas City. They look to build upon the success in 2015 by increasing the number to six events.

"In 2015 you're going to see Shamrock go from a regional show, to hopefully a national show here pretty soon." Shamrock FC President Jesse Finney said.

We caught up with Finney, and this is what he had to say:

Shamrock FC 2015 Calendar

January 17th - Ameristar KC
January 30th - Scott Trade Center (Guns'N Hoses)
January 31st - Lumiere Casino
February 21st - Lumiere Casino (XFN)
March 7th - Ameristar KC
March 21st - River City Casino
April 18th - Lumiere Casino
May 9th - Lumiere Casino (XFN)
May 30th - Ameristar KC
June 6th - River city Casino
July 11th - Ameristar KC
July 25th - Lumiere Casino
August 15th - Lumiere Casino (XFN)
September 12th - River city Casino
September 26th - Ameristar KC
October 17th - Lumiere Casino
November 7th - Lumiere Casino (XFN)
November 21st - Ameristar KC
November 25th - Scott Trade Center (Guns'N Hoses)
December 5th - River City Casino

For more information on Shamrock FC visit their website