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Spire Blood work deal ends soon

By Brett Auten | Knuckle Junkies

Only a few days remain on a blood work promotion offered by a local ringside physician.

Friday will end a $40 offer led by ARP Certified Ringside physician Dr. Melvin Maclin and so far the response has been tepid.

“What I have been telling guys is, you know you're safe, but what about the other guys' status?” Maclin said. “You don't know him. You're paying $40 for the other guys' status.”

Along with fighters, both pro and amateur, receiving their required blood work, $8 of the payment is donated to Fighting for Autism.

You can get your required fighter blood test (HIV, Hep B Surface Antigen and Hep C – also known as - Fighter Panel) for only $40 at any Quest Diagnostics location. Simply start by picking up forms and pay at any of the participating gyms. Outside of this deal, the test could be anywhere from $90-$200.

For amateurs, fighting under Spire Sanctioning, annual blood testing required to compete in MMA or kickboxing. For professionals, the state athletic commission requires blood tests twice a year. It has often occurred over the last calendar year where a fight has to be scrapped at the last minute due to a fighter not having his blood work under file. Maclin is hoping to relieve this problem.

“For the amateur to the pro fighter, the casual verses the dedicated, there is not much difference,” Maclin said. “They hurt the same, train the same, and bleed the same. Amateur fighters do a lot for us and bring us a lot of entertainment. To help make it easier for them to get their blood test, then great.”

You can pickup the forms and pay at any of the following participating gyms, St. Charles MMA, Wolves Den Training Center, Academy of Courage, Modern Combat Systems, Watson Martial Arts, Finney's MMA, War Room MMA, and WRESTL Youth Wrestling Club.

“$40 is a date night,” Maclin said. “The more momentum we get hopefully people will begin to understand the importance of a blood test.”