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Sweet Science: Takedown defense

By Liz Drew | Columnist for Knuckle Junkies

First its important to understand that movement is key to staying on your feet. The moment you become stationary you are an easy target.

That said, a good wrestler or grappler can win a fight against a good striker without takedown defense. Here are two simple techniques that our students practice to prevent their opponent from getting a leg.

1. Bump back while throwing a lead uppercut followed by 2 & 3.

2. Pull lead leg back throwing a rear uppercut followed by a 3 & 2, then quickly reset stance.

Both of these combinations can be adapted or added to. I.e. finish with a kick, knee, etc.

Liz Drew is the head boxing coach at Sauer MMA University in Troy, MO. She has had 22 professional boxing matches, and has studied Shaolin Kung Fu and Sanshou. She is also one of the regions only female MMA trainers.