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Tyler Bishop | Columnist for Knuckle Junkies

The Science of Jiu-Jitsu - Fall BJJ Preview

By Tyler Bishop | Columnist for Knuckle Junkies

This episode of The Science of Jiu Jitsu features a breakdown of this fall/winter BJJ season, footage of AJ Siscoe preparing for an upcoming MMA fight, and a mounted omoplata technique.

Find out what's going on in St. Louis in the coming months in relation to jiu jitsu competition, and find out what you may have missed already.

Ever wonder what it's like for a jiu jitsu fighter to prepare for MMA. Check out the feature in the video of AJ Siscoe preparing for his upcoming fight this weekend.

Finally, checkout this BJJ to MMA technique, the iso-omoplata. It is a great setup for no-gi and MMA.

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Tyler Bishop runs, a website devoted solely to the science of jiu jitsu. He is also an assistant jiu jitsu instructor at Gracie Humaita St. Louis. As a competitor he is a 6x State jiu jitsu champion, 8x NAGA champion, and former amateur MMA champion among many other accomplishments.