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Warrior Weekend - Event Preview

By Matt Frazier | Knuckle Junkies

The Hahn family have been a staple of combat sports in Jefferson County for quite some time. This year they're going big with a two-day event they're calling The Warrior Weekend, featuring: MMA, Kickboxing, Grappling, and Boxing. The Hillsboro Civic Center will host all of the events.

The fun kicks off Friday at 7:30 for a boxing event with DJ & after party to follow. Saturday starting at 2:00 is a grappling tournament. Then later that night at 7:30 will be the marquee event, a full MMA & Kickboxing fight card.

Proceeds for the event will help fund Team Xtreme, a non-profit organization started by the Hahn Family. Team Xtreme takes trouble young men and women and helps them find a path in life. Their goal is to give purpose to people with drug and alcohol issues, and help them focus on positive things in life like fitness and training.

Marcia Hahn the event organizer and co-founder of Team Xtreme has made it her goal to help troubled teens stay out of trouble.

"Society has taken away masculinity, and because young men have testosterone, they need a way to work through it." Hahn said. "This lets them get to have an outlet"

Two of the top amateurs at Hahn MMA are Malcolm Smith and Jake Buehler. Both will be in action on Saturday night as part of the MMA/Kickboxing event. Smith has faced stiff competition in 2012 and has improved with each outing winning a Spire sectional title in April, and most recently he lost a controversial stoppage to the undefeated Chad Williams. Buehler has also seen his share of high profile fights. He completed in July as part of the Rumble Time event at Ameristar and looked impressive even in defeat against Jake Roberts.

Here is the full fight card:

River Warth VS Jen Reed
Malcolm Smith Vs DeMarco Montgomery
Jake Buehler VS Nathan Dieckman
TJ Casey VS Jordan Leggans
Nick Melton VS Zach Gerullis
Derek Stinnett VS Andrew Sanchez
Kristoff Thomas VS Thomas Nguyen
Kevin Donovan VS Kevin Chatman
Brian Borden VS Greg Schneider
Kevin Wheetley VS Mike Livingston
TBD VS Brian Hurt
Joe Haack VS Evan Elders
Mike Holland VS Mike Marlow
Cody Warden VS Kory Beck

Warrior Weekend
Friday 7:30PM - Boxing
Saturday 2PM - Grappling Tournament
Saturday 7:30PM - Kickboxing & MMA

Fore more information check out the website at

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